Company Introduction

Sinotek Materials Co., Ltd is the most advanced manufacturer of graphitized carbon fiber insulation materials in China.

Sinotek becomes an enterprise with annual production capacity of 200 tons of carbon felt, graphite felt 70 tons, rigid graphite felt board 6000 pieces, graphite felt cylinder 800 sets, and special CFC materials 1000 pieces. Based on those figures, Sinotek’s annual output ranks the top notch among all Chinese producers.

Sinotek spends a lot on facilities, R&D and workers’ training. We have two needle production lines, three units of large pre-oxidation furnace, ten units of medium pre-oxidation furnace, twelve units of carbonization furnace, three units of vertical high-temperature vacuum furnace, two units of horizontal high-temperature vacuum furnace, four units of large press equipment, and one set of CVD deposition system. Sinotek also have many high-end inspection equipments.

Sinotek is not only a manufacturer of graphite insulation materials but a customer service based company, offering products and service with the customers’ interests in mind. Sinotek’s goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products on time with the lowest possible cost.

Sinotek would like to grow stronger and better with you together, our dear customers!